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AVATAR-m Overview

AVATAR-m is a collaborative R&D project, supported by the Technology Strategy Board programme, which aims to address the issues associated with massive (exabyte sized) data archives such as  intelligent storage, constant migration cycles,  and degradation of archives.

AVATAR-m aims to bridge the gap between archiving as a long-term preservation activity and the day-to-day business role that archives have as working repositories of an organisation’s most valued assets. It is envisaged that AVATAR-m will result in a set of products which provide an innovative new approach to planning and managing large-scale, sustainable and integrated digital archive solutions.


Our planning tools will allow you to determine what storage you will need based on your current requirements for data volumes, safety, cost, and accessibility and analyse how those requirements might change as you transition to new content formats, content access channels and archiving business models.

Our management tools will also help you cope with your changing requirements. We know that in the next few years the amount of HD content you need to store may begin to surpass your ability to store it, so we’re looking at ways to outsource some of that storage to thirdparty services, without sacrificing security.

This section details upcoming events, recent events, project announcements and publicly available information releases from the Avatar-M project.

Avatar-M undergoes further trials

After continued research and development, the Avatar-M project has started another series of trials for end-user scenarios.

The intention of these trials is to test the technologies within the project against the needs of end-users.

Should you have an interest in participating in these trials, please send an e-mail enquiry along with your contact details to

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