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AVATAR-m Consortium Partners

Who are we?

AVATAR-m is a Technology Strategy Board supported collaborative Research and Development project which brings together companies, institutions and universities with a range of technical expertise, but a common interest in long term A/V preservation. The project partners are:

Xyratex: Xyratex is a leading provider of enterprise class data storage subsystems and network technology. Building on over 25 years of research and development experience in disk drive development, storage systems and high-speed communication protocols, we design and manufacture enabling technology that provides our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and disk drive manufacturer customers with data storage products to support high-performance storage and data communication networks.

IT Innovation:  IT Innovation is an autonomous science-park-based research centre, undertaking applied research and development with and for industry and commerce.  We research, develop, architect, engineer and integrate innovative IT systems, delivering proofs-of-concept, demonstrators and novel operational systems. We work in a spirit of partnership, ensuring effective transfer of knowledge.

Ovation Data Services: Since being founded in 1976, Ovation Data Services, Inc. has helped companies preserve the integrity of their vital information assets. Today, with Service and Technology Centers in the United States and the United Kingdom, Ovation has provided services and solutions for over 1500 companies within the past three years. These customers count on ODS daily to help protect and manage their company records and other information assets.  Ovation Data Services is a highly regarded world leader in digital data management and preservation, and information technology systems.

University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics: Informatics is the study of how natural and artificial systems store, process and communicate information. Research in informatics promises to take information technology to a new level, and to place information at the heart of 21st century science, technology and society.  The University has adopted our vision of the future of Informatics, as a discipline central to a new enlightenment in scholarship and learning, and critical to the future development of science, technology and society.  The School provides a fertile environment for a wide range of studies focussed on understanding computation in both artificial and natural systems. The research draws on concepts from computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology and biology.

BBC Research & Development:  The BBC’s Research & Development department includes engineers, scientists and technologists from a wide range of disciplines, all working to invent, develop and build the future media technologies for our audiences. Alongside our world class laboratories and development teams, we also have the Rapid Application Development team doing sprint development of new concepts, and collaboration teams working on projects with other broadcasters, technology firms, and universities- plus the Backstage team, sharing the BBC’s wealth of open data with hackers and independent developers nationwide.

This section details upcoming events, recent events, project announcements and publicly available information releases from the Avatar-M project.

Avatar-M undergoes further trials

After continued research and development, the Avatar-M project has started another series of trials for end-user scenarios.

The intention of these trials is to test the technologies within the project against the needs of end-users.

Should you have an interest in participating in these trials, please send an e-mail enquiry along with your contact details to

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